5 important lessons I learned in life

These five lessons are driving forces for the rest of my life. If you are bored, uncertain and stagnant in your life then this will help you

1. Disciplined Hard Work and Growth must only stop with the death

Life is a blessing of ٱللَّٰهُ pak. Life without struggle and fulfilment is like wasting the blessing of The Creator.

The best way to live the life is to define goals, do disciplined hard work to achieve them and be fulfilled at the end.

Most people live the same life every year. If you are not growing everyday then you are wasting your precious time.

2. Pain is everywhere and in everything we do in life

Pursuit of goals is in fact pursuit of pain. A good goal is something for which you feel proud and fulfilled if you go through its pain and achieve it.

For example, I love mentoring young people. It's painful and not easy. However the fulfilment I get when they grow makes the entire pain, I went through, worth it.

3. There are no shortcuts, no easy methods to achieve anything meaningful and great in life.

If somebody tell you an easy way to earn lot of money or a shortcut to become rich, immediately run away. They are scammers and will waste your money and precious time. They leave you hopeless and depressed eventually.

You want good health, you need to work for it everyday.

You want wealth, you need to work for it everyday.

You want to build good relationships, you need to work for it everyday.

There are absolutely no shortcuts.

Just in case you find a shortcut or an easy method to achieve something, then that something doesn't stay with you long. Also you won't be fulfilled achieving it.

4. Complacency is Hell. Goals without hard work and discipline is just an emotional turmoil

The Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ advised to a Sufi Saint in his dream “He to whom both days are equal are deceived. He whose today is worse than yesterday is cursed.”

If we don't have goals for all areas of our life like Spirtuality, Health, Relationships and Freedom, then we are complacent.

If we have goals but we aren't striving to achieve them, then we are complacent.

If we aren't growing everyday then we are wasting the blessed time of life.

If we are postponing things to next day them remember, nobody knows his lifespan. Death doesn't book an appointment with you. If can happen anytime, any second.

Write your goals and work hard everyday to acheive them.

5. Doubts, Uncertainty And Fear exists till you die

Doubts, Uncertainty and Fear are part of human nature. They never go away. They stay till your death. Don't quit anything in life because of them.

However use your doubts, uncertainty and fear as an advantage. Listen what they are saying, challenge them and disprove them.

They are emerging from your lazy mind (Nafs). You need to do the opposite of what they say to acheive whatever you want in life.

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